The Eclectus Parrots are beautiful birds both physically and temperamentally. A stocky short-tailed parrot, it measures around 35 cm (14 in) in length. Large populations of this parrot remain, and they are sometimes considered pests for eating fruit off trees. Their irises are a light yellow-white color. This is Ruby. [25], (extinctions: † indicates a species confirmed to be extinct, ₴ indicates evidence only from sub-fossils). They are affectionate, friendly and smart! Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. The Solomon Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus roratus) is a beautiful parrot native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas). While both the males and females of the species make lovely pets, many owners claim that males tend to be a bit more trainable and agreeable. Eclectus. [17] Eclectus parrots are prone to feather destruction (picking, pulling, cutting, and / or barbing) in captivity. Compare. Access to some regions where the species occurs is difficult due to geographical or political reasons, hence field observations have been limited. Eclectus parrots are not as common as others, so you may have to seek out a specialty pet shop or breeder. Quick View. Females of the Blue (polychlorus) group have a blue eye ring, blue breast colour and lack yellow in their plumage.. The Solomon Island Eclectus female has a light purple cast to the blue on its breast. We Safely Ship Nationwide! Blue Male Solomon Island Eclectus. solomonensis: Admiralty Islands and Bismarck Archipelago to Buka and Bougainville Islands, E Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands. The Solomon Island Eclectus is regarded as common throughout its range, but the threat of deforestation by multi national logging companies and the current political unrest on some of these islands is of concern. The Red-sided female has breast and mantle feathers that are bright blue in color. Joseph Forshaw, in his book Parrots of the World, noted that the first European ornithologists to see eclectus parrots thought they were of two distinct species. Supporting Member. BLUE (POLYCHLORUS) GROUP. They have been described as the "sit there and look pretty" birds because they are just so easy-going. [3] The species presumably existed in Fiji, as well. Ornithologists usually classify the eclectus parrot as a member of tribe Psittaculini in the family Psittacidae of order Psittaciformes. For Sale • Gender. There are five subspecies in the Blue (polychlorus) group: . GODDY – MALE 2 Months SOLOMON ISLAND ECLECTUS. SHOP ONLINE 24/7: or CALL 877-527-5656 - 7 DAYS A WEEK. Thus, it's essential to consider if your family dynamic is a good match for the bird. Harlequin Macaws. Add to Wishlist Compare ... Solomon Island Eclectus #27. The skull of members the genus Tanygnathus is also generally similar.[2]. Females of the Blue (polychlorus) group have a blue eye ring, blue breast colour and lack yellow in their plumage.. Unlike other parrot species, eclectus parrots are polygynandrous—females may mate with multiple male suitors and males may travel from nesting site to nesting site to mate with multiple females. Information and photographs of ecletus parrots. [18] The eclectus may also exhibit more neophobia than other species of companion bird. Color Blue, Red. This baby is just weaned and ready for its new home. Females have dark blue, green-edged primary coverts and primary flight feathers like the male, as well. An eclectus lives best in an aviary—11 feet long by 3 foot wide and 7 feet high— especially if you keep a pair. That is a blue Solomon Island Eclectus, and yes they are that expensive! Best Sellers; African Grey Parrot; LoveBirds; Mynah Bird; Parakeet Birds; Poicephalus Parrot; Toucan Bird; Galah Cockatoo Parrot; Amazon Parrot; Cockatiel Parrot; Peacock Bird; Search Bird Search. Male eclectus birds are a brilliant emerald green color with bright orange beaks and splashes of red and blue under their wings. Make sure to give an eclectus your undivided time and attention when introducing it or any new bird or your aviary. Blue Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots. Blue Male Solomon Island Eclectus • Species. Eclectus. The abdomen and nape of the females are blue in most subspecies, purple abdomen and nape in the subspecies (roratus) and lavender abdomen and nape in the (vosmaeri) subspecies from the north and central Maluku Islands, and red abdomen and nape in the subspecies from Sumba and Tanimbar Islands (cornelia and riedeli). It is unusual in the parrot family for its extreme sexual dimorphism of the colours of the plumage; the male having a mostly bright emerald green plumage and the female a mostly bright red and purple/blue plumage. Similar Images . The male Aru Island Eclectus … They have a distinctive honk and other vocalizations that can be amusing the first few times, but loud and startling. Blue mutation eclectus parrot breeder. However, some recent thoughts indicate a great deal of commonality between the eclectus parrot and the Lorini tribe. It's also best to avoid too many vitamin and mineral supplements, which could lead to digestive tumors or abnormal behavior. Nine subspecies of eclectus parrots are known, although the species as a whole needs reviewing. Eclectus parrots come in a variety of sub-species, including the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Solomon Island Eclectus which is the most commonly found Eclectus in captivity Females of the Red-sided, Solomon Island, Australian, Aru Island, and Biaki eclectus all display a blue eye ring, blue breast, and do not have yellow in their plumage. No e mails will be answered. An eclectus' daily meal should be about 80 percent fruits and vegetables—the rest can be parrot pellets. Blue Female Solomon Island Eclectus $20,000 Blue Female Solomon Island Eclectus • Species Solomon Island Eclectus • Ad Type For Sale • Gender Female • Age Baby See also; HARRIS HAWKS FOR SALE Archived. Their feathers do not have a distinct outline like the feathers of other birds. Wendy – 24 Months High Quality Female Blue & Gold Macaw . There are several eclectus parrot subspecies. Around 18 months of age, the birds begin to reach sexual maturity. Eclectus parrots have an extremely large range, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature … The Solomon Island Eclectus have the well-defined bib of the Red-sided except the breast colors are different. Nutritional deficiencies caused by excess vitamins and minerals (like vitamin A), fortified foods, or artificial ingredients as well as eating foreign objects like beads, or stress are probable causes. Goffin Cockatoos. [13] $20,000. ALL ekkies can be aloof when you first bring them home. It's still … Cooked pasta or grain bake—a homemade casserole just for birds—will ensure they get all the necessary carbs. Their irises are a light yellow-white color. Not only is he gorgeous, he is incredibly sweet as well. On the flip side, females may be less dependent on their owners and tend to handle stress better. SHOP ONLINE 24/7: or CALL 877-527-5656 - 7 DAYS A WEEK. Solomon Island Eclectus . Make sure the breeder is knowledgeable about their birds and is forthcoming about their breeding practices and the origin of their birds. This species has also been introduced to Palau. Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic, 2020. Avoid feeding parrot mixes that contain artificial dyes, flavorings, or preservatives. Young Pair of Blue Mutation Eclectus. She still laying eggs. In their native monsoon forests, eclectus nest high up in the trees. We encourage a diet consisting of as much variety as possible. Many people find them to be on the quieter side when compared to other parrots. Inadequate nest hollows have a habit of flooding in heavy rain, drowning the chicks or eggs inside. This baby is super friendly and tame. Conclusion. On average, breeders sell eclectus parrots from $1,000 to $3,000. Posted by 1 year ago. Habitat: Found in the canopy of all wooded habitats, but most common in primary lowland forest usually below 1000m. Galah Cockatoos. It may be hard to pick just one. The eclectus parrot is known for its extreme case of sexual dimorphism. However, when all three of these actions occur in an eclectus, it can be a sign of a severe health issue. Solomon Island Eclectus . Log in Choose your Bird. Young fledge at about 11 weeks. Buy Pet Birds Online Choose your Bird. A climbing ladder, swings, and a slew of fun toys to beat up and chew on will also make the eclectus happy. Solomon Island Eclectus • Ad Type. The Solomon Island Eclectus have the well-defined bib of the Red-sided except the breast colors are different. This little girl is an extremely rare color mutation. It was thought for many years that they were actually different species. Females have a ring of blue feathers circling the eyes. Eclectus can make phenomenal companions. Offer 1 cup of fruits and vegetables and 1/3 cup of parrot mix at each feeding. Furthermore, many skins collected in the early part of the 19th century have deteriorated in some museums. The male is mostly bright green with a yellow-tinge on the head. Add to Likebox #102364946 - a pair of green and red Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots. [verification needed][citation needed], Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson noted similarities in the skull were noted between the eclectus parrot and members of the genus Geoffroyus, specifically in the auditory meatus and the prefrontal reaching but not joining the squamosal bones. [19], While the subspecies E. r. vosmaeri is the most commonly kept in aviculture over all,[20] many eclectus parrots in captivity in Australia are apparently hybrids between subspecies E. r. polychloros and E. r. solomonensis, as Taronga Zoo Sydney had a flock of these two subspecies in a large aviary many years ago. For Sale • Gender. Photo about Red Blue Female Eclectus Parrot Close Up Native to Solomon Islands, New Guinea. In captivity, the eclectus parrot benefits from specially formulated pellets, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens such as endive and dandelion, and a small amount of seeds and nuts such as almonds and walnuts. Stock Status:(Out of Stock) Product Code: MRA335. Caring For an Eclectus Parrot. The eclectus are active birds and need plenty of room to exercise. 36 comments. The eclectus parrot is the most sexually dimorphic of all the parrot species. They also have a band running to the nape that is dark blue. Parrots: "Willie"&"Lola"B&G Macaw, "Dixie"LSC2, and "Nico" Scarlet Macaw. A perfect gift for your family. The price largely depends on the age and sex of the bird. She is absolutely stunning. Quick View. This thread is archived. Give seeds and nuts as occasional treats. Eclectus parrots join Amazons and African greys as being one of the best species for training to speak. There are five subspecies in the Blue (polychlorus) group: . Hand fed very friendly and tame Solomon island eclectus male. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The large size of the Vosmaeri gives a more elegant look, whereas the little Solomon Islands eclectus parrots have a "cute" look., WA We Ship. Eclectus parrots are one of the more popular birds kept in captivity, as either parent or hand reared. They are smart and can be great talkers. Description Reviews (0) Description This parrots comes along with : — Transfer of Ownership Papers — DNA … All interested parties must call for more information. This bird is one of the larger parrot species, and it does require the right owner with plenty of time and space to house this bird. Eclectus parrots live in tropical rainforests and originated in the Solomon Islands. Most thrive best when socialization is part of their daily routine. They cherish the time they spend interacting with their families. The upper mandible of the adult male is orange at the base fading to a yellow towards the tip, and the lower mandible is black. Eclectus Parrots (standard) Quick View. Join Date: Feb 2011. Blue Solomon Island Eclectus ( Female ) Our Price: $ 20,000.00. Quick View. BLUE (POLYCHLORUS) GROUP. Blue Solomon Island Eclectus ( Male ) Extremely rare and absolutely stunning BLUE Eclectus Available!!! It has blue primaries, and red flanks and underwing coverts. With time, they pass through the phase and learn what's acceptable. The Red-sided female has breast and mantle feathers that are bright blue in color. These additives could cause your pet to lose its beautiful color and may even be toxic for this sensitive species. SOLD. Female Solomon Eclectus Parrots have stunning red plumage with dark blue under-wing coverts. The eclectus has a specialized digestive tract that is different from many other bird species. These birds can live for up to 30 years with proper overall care. Solomon Island Eclectus males are electric grass green with crimson red under their wings against a black background. Eclectus Parrot, Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot, Grand Eclectus Parrot, Yellow-Sided Eclectus Parrot, Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrot, Blue-Bellied Eclectus Parrot, Red-Sided Eclectus Parrot, Dusky Eclectus Parrot Characteristic Cute, Exotic, Pet, Playful, Quiet, Tame. goddy - male 2 months solomon island eclectus 2,500.00 $ 1,000.00 $ FANYA - 6 Months , SOLOMON ISLAND ECLECTUS 2,500.00 $ 1,100.00 $ Maggi - 4 Months cocktail parrot for sale 1,200.00 $ 600.00 $ [24], Eclectus parrots in captivity are prone to "toe tapping" - characterized by involuntary extension and contractions of the muscles of the feet that cause the bird to constantly tap its toenails against a perch. The Solomon Island Eclectus female has a small rounded head and shorter tail, which gives this female the appearance of being round. Blue mutation eclectus parrot breeder. We offer financing go to and apply today or call 773-317-3785. Image of feathers, avian, bright - 169894754 [15] This reported infanticide in wild pairs may be the result of other causes, since this behavior where the hen selectively kills male chicks is not observed in captive birds. Online rescues, adoption organizations, and breeders where you can find eclectus parrots include: Look for a bird that is bright, alert, and active. Although eclectus parrots may reach sexual maturity earlier or later, they usually reach it between 2–3 years.[14]. Quick View. There is no yellow in the tail of females (as there is on Vosmaeri Eclectus). It is believed to be related to bird's diet and may be a result of providing the eclectus with food fortified with vitamins, processed food intended for humans (particularly containing man-made vitamins or preservatives) or food containing spirulina. $20,000. Available! [23] The maximum reliably recorded longevity for this species is 28.5 years, but a lifespan of 40.8 years has also been reported. This period is called bluffing, and it is best to ignore it and turn to distraction techniques instead of reinforcing it. Double Yellow Headed Amazon. The lovely Solomon Island Eclectus is a bit smaller than the Vosmaeri Eclectus. They are friendly but also do well with some independence. Females may also be bossier and more aggressive than a male, particularly during breeding. She comes with her cage, food and toys. In captivity in the U.S., some of the most common subspecies are the Solomon Island, Vosmaer's, and the New Guinea red-sided. Solomon Island Eclectus #27. One of the most striking features of the male Eclectus parrot is his magnificent beak that looks like candy corn, being a bright orange at the top near his cere, fading to yellow at the beak tip. By contrast, the females are mostly bright red with black beaks and deep purple markings on their chests and tails. Adult females with poor nest hollows often commit infanticide on the male, if they produce both a male and a female chick. Similar Images . The males are green, turqouise, and red under it's wings, while the females are blue, red and purple. You may notice some naughty nipping behavior. Blue Male Solomon Island Eclectus. She is roughly 18 years old. We Safely Ship Nationwide! Browse through available blue colored solomon island eclectus parrots for sale adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Birdmans Aviary 192 views. Solomon Island Eclectus for Sale! Add to cart. Congo African Greys. E.r. The Solomon Island eclectus is the most common one in the pet trade. Solomon Eclectus parrots are the perfect gift for your family. You might find her trying to nest in secluded areas of your home. They have cobalt blue primary flight feathers. SOLOMON ISLAND ECLECTUS MALE Sweet baby hand fed and just weaned ready to go to it’s new home. Find all parrots species available at herman parrots we provide african grey, congoo, yellow naped amazon, solomon island eclectus for sale. Buy Bird Now. The male Solomon Island Eclectus parrot has paler orange in the upper mandible The male has a yellow tint green color. Description. Thanks: 3,156. Its name "eclectus" is derived from the word "eclectic" since the male and female species look so different. COPYRIGHT BLUE ECLECTUS 2017. aLL RIGHTS RESERVED She is a sweet and friendly eclectus. She will sit on your shoulder and climb up your arm. Wild populations also live in northeastern Australia, Indonesian, the Moluccas, and New Guinea. Home / Popular Breed / GODDY – MALE 2 Months SOLOMON ISLAND ECLECTUS. Solomon Island Eclectus @ 14 weeks of age (Female) - Duration: 0:13. Please Call For Assistance Features Features. Other health conditions that an eclectus is prone to getting include: In the wild, these birds prefer pomegranate, papaya, and figs, though they'll also eat flowers, buds on trees, and a few seeds. As with other Eclectus species, the male is green and the female is red and blue. Eclectus Parrot Suspected subspecies. Eclectus parrots come in a variety of sub-species, including the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Solomon Island Eclectus which is the most commonly found Eclectus in captivity #14 04-22-2011, 01:02 AM MikeyTN. The eclectus is a very friendly and intelligent bird species described as gentle, tranquil, and caring. She is a very sweet bird. Its tail is edged with a narrow band of creamy yellow, and is dark grey edged with creamy yellow underneath, and the tail feathers are green centrally and more blue as they get towards the edges. I work a lot and she needs more attention than I am able to give her. WE DO SHIP!!! Sort by. It is different in the parrot family because of its sexual dimorphism of plumage’s color. COPYRIGHT BLUE ECLECTUS 2017. aLL RIGHTS RESERVED The tail is edged with yellowish-orange above, and is more orange tipped with yellow underneath. This is Ruby. They enjoy the comings and goings, as well as being a part of it. Additional Comments . Instead of distinct lines found on many bird's feathers, eclectus feathers seem to blend. An unpaired hen may go on to lay infertile eggs with little encouragement in the spring. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Unlike many other species of parrot they are relatively easy to breed yet difficult to hand feed. That is a blue Solomon Island Eclectus, and yes they are that expensive! It is often possible to place abandoned eggs from other parrot species beneath a broody eclectus hen, which she will readily accept and then incubate to the point of hatching, even rearing the hatched chick up to the point it is removed from the nest. If provided with enough stimulation, they do a better job than many parrots at keeping themselves occupied when you're not around. Call at +1(661) 347-6983‬ 0 0 No products in the cart. We offer financing go to and apply today or … An eclectus is unique in that it sometimes exhibits toe-tapping and wing-flipping. [9], The eclectus parrot is unusual in the parrot family for its marked visible light sexual dimorphism in the colours of the plumage. Name Ruby; Species Solomon Island Eclectus; Ad Type For Sale; Gender Female; Age Adult; Size Medium; Ad Number 580091; Ad Created Nov 11th 2020; Last Update Nov 11th 2020; Contact Seller. The Solomon Eclectus Parrots (Eclectus roratus solomonensis) - also known as Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots - occur naturally throughout the Solomon Islands east of mainland New Guinea and northeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean; these islands include New Georgia, Malaita, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal, San Cristobal and Choiseul. The USA & Europe have the blue eclectus well under development. #138342283 - Red Blue Female Eclectus Parrot Close Up Native to Solomon Islands,.. In captivity, they eat most fruits including mangos, figs, guavas, bananas, melons, stone fruits, grapes, citrus fruits, pears, apples, pomegranate, and papaya (pawpaw). Specimens of the Australian subspecies E. r. macgillivrayi have only recently entered the aviculture market in Australia and are more expensive. Very beautiful taxidermy work of a female of the species. The Solomon Island Eclectus have the well-defined bib of the Red-sided except the breast colors are different. Suitable hollows are at a premium and the hen vigorously defends her chosen nesting site from other females (perhaps even fighting to the death), remaining resident at 'her tree' for up to 11 months of the year, rarely straying from the entrance to her hollow and relying on multiple males to feed her via regurgitation. Even in captivity, a female's nesting instincts remain strong. Male • Age … She is a sweet and friendly eclectus. You'll also want to provide these birds many perches of different materials and diameters, so their feet remain healthy. Their beautiful colors, talking ability, and lovable personalities have established this bird as one of the most popular pet parrots. [4] However, most eclectus skins in US museums are in good condition. Quick View. This unique breeding strategy may explain the pronounced sexual dimorphism of the eclectus, as the female must remain conspicuous at the entry to the nest hole (to advertise her presence at her hollow to males and rival females), but well hidden when in the depths of the nest, because the red color hides her well in the darkness. Ornithologists usually classify the eclectus parrot as a member of tribe Psittaculini in the family Psittacidae of order Psittaciformes. 2,500.00 $ 1,000.00 $ Hand Reared. Solomon Eclectus parrots are the perfect gift for your family. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 36’’ long, 24’’ wide and 66’’ high with ¾’’ wire spacing. Solomon Islands Eclectus Price. Alyson is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience working professionally with birds, and over 3 years as a veterinary technician. This subspecies is much lighter red than the Red-sided Eclectus. The more challenges you can give these smart birds, the better. They are also sensitive and can quickly become stressed if they feel neglected. share. Before the early 20th century, since the male and female birds looked so different, they were thought to be entirely two different species. Quick View. WE DO SHIP!!! The eclectus has an unusually long digestive tract,[11] so tolerates a high-fiber diet. Her wings and body are a deep purple-blue color. His feathers are iridescent turquoise and deep blue. Males may travel up to 20 km to forage and up to five males will regularly provide food for each female, each competing with the others for her affections and the right to father her young.
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