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In Death – Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/in-death-PS4/ In Death: a Roguelike VR Shooter. Conquer a procedurally generated medieval world of floating ruins, where forsaken souls, angelic hordes and demons alike have run amok. Out November 27.

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Tetris Effect “Mental Blocks” Mini-Documentary | PS4

A mini-documentary about the Tetris® effect (the psychological phenomenon) as Tetris Effect the game (PS4 and optionally PS VR) nears release. Hear from both players and scientists about this mysterious but amazing experience many of us have shared. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tetris-effect-ps4/ http://www.tetriseffect.game Tetris ® & © 1985~2018 Tetris Holding. Tetris logos, Tetris …

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Arca’s Path VR – Release Date Trailer | PSVR

Available on 4th December 2018. For a chance to WIN a copy of the game visit http://www.arcaspath.com/ now! Trapped in the enchanting simulated world of Arca, it is up to you to find a path through the labyrinth and break free. Intuitive hands-free gameplay, Arca’s Path is an atmospheric VR …

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Transference: gamescom 2018 Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

Take an all new look at Transference gameplay footage, as you journey deeper into a corrupted mind. Available on September 18th, 2018. Transference™ is a psychological thriller and the first game collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft. Bridging the gap between movies and games, we invite you to lose yourself in …

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Blind – Announce Trailer | PS VR

Blind is a narrative-driven psychological thriller for virtual reality where the player cannot see and must explore their surroundings using echolocation. Waking up in a strange room with little memory of how she came to be there, a young woman makes the shocking discovery she has lost her sense of …

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