The delivery and price were spot on! Today we are discussing on castor seed planting. Thank you. Castor seeds are cultivated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. thank you. It is a herbaceous plant that can be grown as an annual or perennial crop, depending on the weather and type of seed used. Castor spiny caterpillar can be controlled by spraying neem seed kernel extract 5%, Powdery mildew can be treated with wettable sulfur spray 3 g/liter at 15-day interval, Leaf spot can be treated with Mancozeb 0.25%, Seedling blight can be treated with 4g Trichoderma viride. Castor farming is done mainly for the seed and oil, it belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. Join over 30,000 online users in our farming community. Ground seed cakes are used as fertilizers (castor oil pomace), Soils: Deep well drained sandy loams with PH ranging from 5-6.5. What Is Castor? In India, castor is a Kharif season crop and sown in the months of July – August. 10 – 12 kg seeds are required per hectare. Your email address will not be published. As castor seed prices in international market hardly fluctuate, the price-oriented farmers overseas are not so keen in its cultivation. Castor is grown in dry regions and can be grown as a rainfed or irrigated crop. *MG makes available good castor seed (finest quality of hybrids)* ... Also invest in castor farming and earn 420-500k monthly for good 7yrs from an hectare of castor farm. 3 – 4 deep plow operations can be done to loosen the soil. amritlal_shah@ It is the complete process of growing the castor plant, harvesting and exporting. Grasshoppers- Destroy alternate hosts, maintain field hygiene. Castor seed oil is being used widely for various purposes. Castor beans have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 B.C., and the oil was used thousands of years ago in wick lamps for lighting. The country of India is the leading producer of castor seed worldwide. Castor oil heals inflamed skin, fights acne, is an anti-aging agent, moisturizer, fades blemishes, promotes hair growth, can be used for cooking, treats scalp infections, premature graying of hair, reduces pigmentation, acts as a laxative, boosts immunity and reduces pain in the joints and Arthritis. List Of 12 Most Profitable Oil Seed Farming Business Ideas #1. Apply 12.5 kg ZnSO4 ha-1 (if the soil available Zn is < 1.2 ppm) and 25 kg FeSO 4 ha-1 (if the soil available Fe is < 3.7 ppm for non-calcareous soil and < 6.3 ppm for calcareous soil ) Thank you, Dear Mohamed, I will publish your request on our farmer network. Good weed control is essential, both pre- and post-emergence. Castor Seed (Ricinus communis L.) is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of Castor oil.. Some popular commercial hybrid varieties of castor seeds are Aruna, Bhagya, Sowbhagya, Kranti (PCS4), Jwala, Jyothi, NPH-1, GAUCH-4, YRCH 1, TMV 5, TMV 6, CO 1, TMVCH, etc. Average seed rate of castor is 2 – 2.5 kilo grams per acre. TDB: There are reports that suggest India’s castor oil exports are expected to rise 30% y-o-y in FY2016. Castor seed varieties. WHAT IS CASTOR FARMING? It can be used for cooking purposes also Apply pre-emergence herbicide Pendimethalin @ 3 lit/ha or Fluchloralin @ 2 lit/ha on 3 DAS followed by hand weeding twice on 20th and 40th DAS. Kindly connect us with them. Thank you for sending me to a reliable source of jackfruit seeds. There are 2,619 castor seeds farming suppliers, mainly located in Asia. I like it, I would like to invest in agribusiness. Trans 0 g Protein 0 g We provide our clients Castor Seed that have gained enough experience in this domain. It is sensitive to high humidity and temperatures above 40 °C. Castor is propagated by seeds. Castor is one of the oldest cultivated crops; however, it contributes to only 0.15% of the vegetable oil produced in the world. 1 acre castor farming seed cost. The seeds are then dried, de-podded, bagged and brought to the market for sale. “Our major challenge is advocacy. Ground seed cakes are used as fertilizers. We have arable land suitable for Castor seed farming. It can be grown in arid and semi-arid regions with less rainfall and unfertile soil. The president said that Castor oil marketing, although a profitable business was still faced with several challenges in marketing activities. Weed control- Spray with a suitable pre-emergence herbicide eg Alachlor at a rate of 1.25kg per hectare followed by 1-2 hand weeding depending on weed emergence. Castor seeds contain about 45-60% of oil that is rich in triglycerides. The frequency of irrigation depends on the soil type, climate and crop stage. An Economic Evaluation of Castor Farming : Ricinus communis: A Potential Viable Biodiesel Feedstock. Done when there is enough moisture in the soil to a depth of 6-8cm. For good growth, castor requires a well-pulverized seed-bed with loose sub-soil up to 45 cm depth. On an average, the yield is about 200 – 500 kg/ha for the rainfed crop, 100 – 200 kg/ha for a mixed crop, and 550 – 800 kg/ha for the irrigated crop. Deep, moderately fertile, and slightly acidic soils are best suited for castor farming. Castor does well in the soil which is not fit for valuable commercial and food crops. It is grown mainly for the seeds and oil. It is also possible to grow castor oil plant in coastal areas. Due to lack of selectivity, both products are usually applied by farmers before sowing. All rights reserved. The castor plant has been known to man for ages. Irrigation- The first irrigation should be done when the plants are in 6-8 leaf stage from which 4-6 irrigations are given until 2-4 weeks before harvesting. How to Grow Castor Beans From Seed. The varieties of castor differ in the branching habits of the plant, color of the stem and branches (red and green), the nature of capsules (smooth or shiny), duration (early or late) and the size of the seed. To join whatsapp 08084637475. Basically, Castor (Ricinus Communis) is cultivated for its seeds. Castor Semilooper can be controlled by spraying Malathion 50 EC 2.0 l/ha. Castor bean needs plenty of nitrogen, especially during its early development. Total Fat 14 g Potassium 0 mg I’m also interested in the castor oil seeds please connect me with whomever can supply. There is not enough awareness campaign for farmers to know the value of castor seed farming. Apply 12.5 tons of FYM per hectare and 30 kg sulfur per hectare. There is castor plant in our àrea it grow in the bush without planting, how will I know that the seed is the good type? The country of India is the leading producer of castor seeds worldwide. Provide loamy, moist, but not soaking wet, soil for best results. The first method is to soak them overnight before planting. It requires dry, hot climate to yield well. Benefits of castor seeds/castor oil Spacingshould be 1m by 30cm-60cm and seedrate range from 10-15kg per hectare. The African Castor Acres Foundation promotes the specific knowledge of castor seed farming and castor seed oil processing in Nigeria and West Africa. Castor Seeds grow best where temperatures remain fairly high throughout the growing season of 140 to 180 days. Capsid and green stink bug- Practice good field hygiene, spray with duduthrin or any other suitable insecticide. Btw., I am also looking for sunflower seed, sesame, black cumin seed, moringa and shea butter. Castor seeds are the main raw materials for making castor oil. It promotes hair growth when applied to the hair and treats scalp infections as well as premature graying of hair I am looking for 100kg of Castor Oil Seed. Castor seeds farming products are most popular in Africa, Domestic Market, and Mid East. I have 400ha to grow it, I need to grow castor beans and now I need the market and seed .I have 400ha to plant it . It is appropriate time to make a few plans for the longer term and it’s time to be happy. Castor is cultivated around the oil largely for the importance of the castor oil. A hectare with 1,600 hills requires complete fertilizer (14-14-14) at planting time at the rate of 30 grams per hill. After the seedbed has been deeply cultivated, seeds in mechanized countries are planted 4 – 7.5 cm deep in rows 1 m apart; and about 50 cm apart within rows. Kindly advise where I can get the plant. Clear the land before cultivation to remove any existing weeds. Intercropping can be done to manage weeds. Anybody who could deliver this amount to Uganda/Jinja? Castor plants like full sun and humid conditions. Harrow the field to medium tilth as per crop requirement. Soak seeds overnight to aid with germination. Altitude: 0-1800m above sea level. Castor oil has many uses with the seed, stem, leaves and roots of the tree also having many uses,” he said. Most of the castor oil is sold to large wholesalers, while the biodiesel is targeted at farmers looking to power tractors and machinery. Investing in castor seed production, marketing and oil processing business are feasible agribusiness in Africa. Castor, being a deep-rooted crop, is fairly resistant to drought. It is also used for medicinal and lighting purposes. hi am eric from meru..want to venture into castor farming humbly advice me abt the market and where I can sell. India is the largest producer of castor seed and castor oil in the world. The crop must have sufficient moisture during its growing period. India is a net exporter of castor oil, accounting for over 90% of castor oil exports, while the United States, European Union, and China are the major importers, accounting for 84% of imported castor oil. Langat kiptoo- Student at University of Eldoret, Smart Farming-Jatropha Production in Kenya, Canola Farming & Processing: Contract Farming, Grow cash on Fruit farming-Macadamia Production in Kenya, New technologies that are helping farmers adapt to climate change, Newly launched fish feeds offer reprieve to fish farmers, Technology, snail products and pomp at Nairobi international trade fair, Baraka College gives farmers tips to increase yields in Molo, Brachiaria/Mulato Grass Production Guide In Kenya, Manufacturing air craft lubricants, hydraulic fluids, explosives and dye, Making soap, body ointments and cosmetics, Treatment of guinea fowl abscess and flatulence, Castor cake is used as fertilizer, leaves as silk worm and livestock feeds, KALRO(Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization), ICIPE(International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology), KAGRC (Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre), KEFRI (Kenya Forestry Research Institute), NAFIS(National Farmers Information Service), ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute). In the silk-producing areas, leaves are fed to the silkworms. Castor (Ricinus communis) is a seed cultivated around the world because of it’s precious oil potential. Castor Seed are naturally grown under the supervision of the farmers. The improved varieties mature in about 150 to 180 days. Copyright Soak castor seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours before planting. I am in zimbabwe, Hey, I am working on a project concerning the castor plant. Thank you. India is the largest producer of castor seed and castor oil in the world. A CWS Product. Top dressing- Apply 20kg of CAN per hectare at initiation of secondaries and the same dose repeat at each successful picking starting of the first order spike. The cake is used as manure and plant stalks as fuel or as thatching material or for preparing paper-pulp. Vitamin A 0% Calcium 0% Sow castor seeds 1 inches deep and space the seeds at least 3 feet away. Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds. Our company has gained specialization in the field of manufacture, supply and export Required fields are marked *. B. Castor bean seeds for planting must be healthy, vigorous and come from prolific mother plants. For un-mechanized societies that prefer larger varieties, seeds are planted 60 by 90 cm apart, 2 – 4 seeds per hole, and then thinned to one plant. Opportunity is numerous and Castor farmers could earn up to 50m on ten hectares of land over a period of 7 years. Castor seeds and castor oil are also called Arandi, Amudalu, Amanakku vitaikal, Amanakku yenne, Haralenne, Arendal tel, Kasrrar yenna, Erandala, Rerira, Divela, etc. In India, castor is a Kharif season crop and sown in the months of July – August. It is used as a lubricant in high-speed engines and airplanes, in the manufacture of soaps, transparent paper, printing-inks, varnishes, linoleum and plasticizers. It is a perennial crop but grown as an annual crop. Some pre-emergence herbicides may be suitable for weed control, but subsequent measures will also be likely required. Planting Castor Beans. Use filtered or purified water instead of tap water. There are two ways to improve germination. Castor slug can be treated by spraying chlorpyriphos or quinalphos @ 2 ml/liter of water. Castor (Ricinus communis) is a seed cultivated round the world because of it’s oil from the seed. To many people the castor plant is just an overgrown, undesirable weed and yet it produces one of nature's finest natural oils. Ground seed cakes are used as fertilizers (castor oil pomace) Varieties . Very good to know more about crops.Very happy to get ideas from the experiences people have. While castor prefers deep sandy loam soil with a pH of around 6, it can be cultivated on soils with a pH range of 5 – 8. Harvesting can be done when one or more capsules show sign of drying. Powered By Heartbit, Want to be notified about agricultural news and events? Polyunsaturated 9 g Dietary Fiber 0 g I’m one of the pioneers and I’m doing seed propagation,” Usai said. We will not share your information with anyone! Dry the capsule in the sun without heaping it in the shade. All Right Reserved. Soils that are not fertile and that have less annual rainfall are preferred in the cultivation of castor. This a very resourceful site on agribusiness Especially to the youths venturing in agriculture. In the case of late receipt of monsoon black gram + castor at 6:1 ratio is recommended. Hallo! The castor plant is a tropical / sub-tropical species and grows in areas of low rainfall. Use castor Sheller to separate the seeds or beat the dried capsule with wooden planks, winnow and collect the seeds. The crop is grown in regions with less than average rainfall and unfertile soils. The soil must be able to warm up early in the spring. Cost of seed material is very important as purchasing low quality seed material which is available at lower prices at market may drastically reduce the yields in castor. Season Congrats for invaluable insights of agricultural knowledge dissemination through the fastest means possible,SMS, whatsapp and Facebook. Vitamin C 0% Iron 0%. Plant Description: Hence the reason why not many farmers are into this very lucrative business. The plants look bushy with thorns on leaves and pods. The most suitable soils for castor are deep, moderately fertile, with slightly acidic conditions, well-drained, sandy loams. The crop can easily be grown at 1000 m above mean sea level. Monounsaturated 3 g Sugars 0 g I have read this submit and if I may I desire to suggest you few attention-grabbing things or tips. Cut the matured racemes without damaging the secondaries. I ndia is said to be the world’s largest producer of castor seed and meets most of the global demand for castor oil.. Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. Castor seed / Ricinus communis belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. Thank you for putting this up. 0721813263 is my number. The crop can easily be grown at 1000 m above mean sea level. we use it for cooking. It is important to state the part of what affect productivity output in this industry is the fact that castor oil seed farming is vulnerable to unpredictable weather conditions, and the demand for high-quality essential oil in key foreign markets will boost exports. Soil It can be grown on a wide range of soils, provided they are fairly deep and well drained. Propagation. It is grown in arid and semi-arid regions of the country. It is sensitive to extreme climatic changes, especially extreme changes in rainfall distribution. Castor farming is one of the best and new agricultural business in Nigeria. It grows well in temperatures of 15 – 27 °C. It is harvested around December – January. Castor is cultivated in lands that are not ideal for commercial farming. It is sensitive to high humidity and temperatures above 40 °C. Climate Cactor plant ident-The plant exist as a landrace (non-improved cultivar), Its seeds have self-explosive dispersal mechanism hence can be found Capsule borer- Use suitable insecticide such as polytrin, Jassids- Use resistant varieties, use suitable insecticide such as polytrin, Thrips- Spray with a suitable insecticide eg Cypermethrin, Leaf spot- Use a suitable fungicide, broad based, Rust- Plant resistant varieties, crop rotation and practice good field hygiene. Unbalanced nitrogen application encourages the growth of foliage at the expense of flower and seed formation. KC1, KC2, KC3 and KC4. Use the above-mentioned seed treatment to avoid diseases and pests. It is an herbaceous plant that can be grown as an annual or perennial, depending on the weather and type of seed used. Castor is grown in dry regions and can be grown as a rainfed or irrigated crop. Castor is cultivated in lands that are not ideal for commercial farming. Castor oil is used in paints and lubricants too. Land preparation It is a nine-month crop and is sown around July-August and harvesting commences around April. The minimum rainfall needed by the castor crop is 38 – 50 cm. But in the last few years, farmers in regions where the plant is harvested started losing interest in castor seed cultivation because of a fall in castor prices and an increase in input costs. This softens the tough outer shell, allowing water to penetrate and start the germination process. Castor Seeds are valued mainly for their oil, which is used in pharmaceutical products. Image source – They are highly rich in ricin which makes them poisonous and yet medicinal. Raise one row of castor for every six rows of groundnut. it’s not caster seed. Castor is mostly used for its oil for domestic and industrial purposes. Castor seeds can be used as food or fertilizers. Find here a list of 12 lucrative oil seed farming business ideas below. For annual varieties, the seedbed must be weed free as young plants are delicate. This site is very informative. Most gardeners start their beans from seed. The top supplying countries or regions are China, Canada, and Philippines, which supply 94%, 1%, and 1% of castor seeds farming respectively. A local firm Life Brand Agric Services is targeting to grow 25 000 hectares of castor bean this year in a move that could significantly boost income of farmers in the semi arid and arid regions of the country.. Output from the 25 000 hectares is expected to be 250 million kgs or 250 000 tonnes with the firm assuring farmers of a cool US$1000 a tonne. I don’t know the name and I need the seeds coz its does well in my area. In irrigated situations apply 100% P & 50% N&K as basal & remaining quantity N&K may be applied in two equal splits at 30th & 60th DAS. Land Preparation. growing in the wild (natural plant establishment). Nutritional value of castor oil per tablespoon, Calories 120 Sodium 0 mg All the same share the plant photo via our whatsapp 0728082887 we help you in plant identification. Intercropping of castor with onion in 1:2 ratio by adopting 1.5 m x 1.0 m spacing is recommended for the irrigated situation. The Ricinus communis biodiesel meets all the three criteria any environmentally sustainable fuel must meet. Castor Seeds. Castor seeds contain 45 – 60 % oil that is rich in triglycerides. Germination is very poor unless you give the seeds a little help. “We are engaging youths and women in various farming districts throughout the country to grow castor beans under contract. Yield average to 3000kg per hectare. Generally, castor oil is an essential item for beauty care purpose like hair care, skin care and for other health benefits. The Seeds are valued mainly for their oil, which is used in pharmaceutical Industries for the production of pain killers. Rainfed crops do not require any irrigation. Irrigation at planting add 125kg of DAP per hectare-basal application. In rainfed situations apply 100% P & 50% N&K basally & remaining quantity may be applied in one or two top dressings based on the soil moisture availability. We are offering our clients with a qualitative range of Castor Seeds at suitable prices. Weed control for castor crop is based on a pre-sowing application of trifluralin and a pre-emergence application of linuron. Castor seed farming in Nigeria is a profitable money-making agribusiness investment that few Nigerian farmers know about. Dear Abdi, you can get visit your nearest KALRO centre and confirm this plant from their directory, What is the average price of castor seeds per kg and where can I get market for the same. Our value proposition is to drive youth empowerment through agricultural development and technology. Harvesting Irrigated crops require fortnightly irrigation. Another farmer, Innocent Usai, who is also one of the castor farming pioneers in Zimbabwe, described the crop as a “wonder”. Matures between 142 -191 days, harvest in the dry season at intervals of 15-30 days to keep up with the drying and to avoid shattering. Soak the seeds in water for about 20 hours. For good growth, castor requires a well pulverised seed bed with loose sub-soil upto 45 cm depth. Let’s take advantage. Seed Treatment in Castor Cultivation:-It is recommended to treat the seeds with Carbendazim @ 2 grams/kg of seed for preventing seed borne diseases like root-rot and Alternaria blight.Soaking the seeds in water for 18 to 20 hours is advised. While castor prefers deep sandy loam soil with a pH of around 6, it can be cultivated on soils with pH range of 5 - 8. The seeds from the Ricinus communis Plant contain in excess of 45% oil. Copyright@2018 FarmLINK Kenya - Connecting Farmers in Kenya. It is sold at a competitive price of around R8.50 (US$0.70) per litre – compared to the current diesel price of around R11.50 ($0.90). I am in Zimbabwe and I what to grow castor beans .I need seed and market . For annual varieties the seedbed … Castor Seeds. Or Intercropping of castor with a Black gram or Green gram in 1:2 ratio is recommended for the rainfed situation. The new seed doubles castor output without additional cost or change in farming. The cake is used as manure and plant stalks as fuel or as thatching material or for preparing paper-pulp. What Is Castor Farming? Castor Seeds Farming, Castor Seeds Farming Suppliers Directory - Find variety Castor Seeds Farming Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at castor seeds ,castor oil ,castor seed … SEAI plans to expand the model farming area this year to 200 hectares … Castor oil heals inflamed skin, fights acne, is an anti-aging agent, skin moisturizer, reduces pigmentation and fades blemishes, As well as from no, yes. “In fact, I call it the wonder plant both in its remuneration properties and its diverse uses. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT IN AGRICULTURAL FINANCE, Farm insurance scheme likely to cover a third of agri households, INSURANCE FOR FARMING AND AGRICULTURE IN INDIA, SELL AND PURCHASE GUIDE FOR FARMERS IN INDIA, Issues Pertaining to the Future of Agriculture. It is sensitive to high humidity and temperatures above 40 °C. Castor seed oil is being used widely for various purposes. Harvesting may be done by hand methods or be completely mechanized. ‘‘For each hectare planted, a farmer will earn an average of $25 000. It does not require fine tilth, but for germination, it requires adequate moisture for a longer period in the seed-bed, preferably to a depth of 15 – 20 cm.
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