2. Potato Mezhukkupuratti is a quick and tasty side dish that can be prepared in a jiffy, when time runs short. Preparation : Peel and cut the potatoes into 1” pieces. Great Reciepi & very exiting thoughts Maria. Thanks Sharon dear :) Hope things are great at your end. In a cooking vessel/pan, add pachakaya /raw banana cubes and achinga payar /long beans with little water along with turmeric powder and salt, cover bring to boil and cook for 5 minutes. Mix well. A little less dazzling. Achinga Payar Kaya Mezhukkupuratti is a tasty side dish for rice. Step 5. We won’t complain – but it’s bad karma! Add shallots, green chilies, and curry leaves. Raw Plantains (Vazhakka) are mostly used for making Thoran, Mezhkkupuratti, Erisheri and so on. But I should say, it's a minority. Chena and Payar, Achinga Payar Kaya, beans and carrot, beetroot and carrot all are tasty combos and great accompaniments for rice. Cover and cook at medium heat, stirring occasionally until 3/4th done. But since I like it’s flavour, I’m ok with it :), I wish i had this right now, supr supr DROOLIE delicious, Definitely worth trying!!! Love to have that with some curd and rice. Kaya/Raw Banana are boiled with little water and tossed with seasoned oil. It reminds me what some people say… if you want to see the real Onam celebration these days, you should go to Dubai ;). thankyoo maria :). Sharing Is Caring! 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Wil definitely let u knw hw it came….. Its a simple mezhukkuperatti but Im sure it wl taste yum:-). Hope it came out well. Dec 29, 2015 - Kaya Achinga Payar Mezhukkupuratti - കായ അച്ചിങ്ങ പയർ മെഴുക്കുപുരട്ടി is a Kerala style stir fry. This is sort of a comfort food and I make it spicy with all the tempering. It should not be substituted with big onions. I agree with you that small onions give a totally different flavour to the dish. Spiced Red Beans and Green Banana — Kaya Vanpayar Mezhukkupuratti The morning slants of sunlight are a little sluggish. It's a very simple one, you could actually taste all the ingredients and it's no rocket science. Usually the dish is prepared with vegetables like koorka (chinese potato), raw banana (vazhakka/kaya), elephant foot yam (chena), bittergourd (pavakka), chakka kuru (jackfruit seeds) and yardlong beans (payar). I had had potato mezhukkuperatti before, but the combination of kaya n potato was new to me. Add water (not much, approximately ¼ Cup), salt and 1 table spoon oil (adding oil prevent from sticking the dices each other as well as the bottom of the pan). Boil the cleaned chena/elephant yam with enough water and salt; … • Cover the pan and cook in a low/medium heat. But if I'm in a mood to have an elaborate lunch, I mean the typical Kerala style lunch, we head to one of the these restaurants. Thanks Mary! I perfer coconut oil for Upperi/Mezhukkupuratti ,since the coconut oil gives the dish a very unique flavor and taste. Kaya Achinga … Popcorn Shrimp-Prawns Popcorn Recipe with Video. :) yeah they tend to add a bit of extra garlic here also. Cook till the shallots turn brown. In the end the waiter started giving me a weird look, because I just had a spoonful of rice and almost a plateful of this! Find only the best cooking recipes, hand selected by Maria. Ok, I've also come across a few who dont appreciate the food in these places. I liked it so much and concentrated my whole appetite on this. Add the cooked raw banana, pepper powder and cook on medium heat for another few minutes. I had had potato mezhukkuperatti before, but the combination of kaya n potato was new to me. I dont know how I missed telling you about it… Anyways, there are so many Kerala restaurants here starting from our typical chaya kada (tea shop) style ones to upmarket Kerala theme restaurants. Today I have prepared with Beans. So, I finally tried this dish at home, if you are thinking whether I got the recipe from the chef… no. This is a novelty to me.  I am going to give it a try.  Thank you for your good work and hope to see you continuing your good work.Â. Heat coconut oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add curry leaves and the ground onion + garlic + red chilli mixture. Since I make Kerala fare regularly at home, we are not frequent visitors of these hotels. നേന്ത്രക്കായ മെഴുക്കുപുരട്ടി | … Mezhukkupuratti is a Kerala specialty prepared with vegetable stir-fried with garlic, onions or shallots and spices. I too use it a lot in my nadan dishes.Â. Switch off the gas after the vegetable are well cooked ; Yummy and easy Kaya Payar Mezhukkupuratti is ready to serve with rice. or you can mix the veggies and make a combination. Cook it for 2 minutes and mix slowly till all the pieces are well coated with the shallot and dry chilly mix. If you are so particular about the qty of ginger, garlic, curry leaves in your dish n how it is chopped/sliced, those sort of things, then I think those places are not meant for you :) If you ask me, some of them do a real good job and you get to taste home cooked style food at a very reasonable price. how are you dear? Personally, I prefer to make this dish using Njaalippoovan as I find it tastier. Add oil and splutter mustard seeds. Red beans with green banana is a delicious pairing. Raw Banana is known as Kaya in Malayalam. Now add long beans along with turmeric powder,salt and red chilli powder.Saute well. Add a tbsp of coconut oil. Mezhukkupuratti means stir fry in Malayalam; it can be made with most vegetables like Beans, Potato, Kaya, Kovakka, Vendakka, chena, koorkka etc. Heat a pan. In a kadai or pan heat coconut oil - add crushed garlic,add curry leaves and green chilli.Saute for a minute. Dec 28, 2018 - Nenthra Kaya Mezhukkupuratti/ Ethakka Mezhukkupuratti How to make easy and delicious side dish for rice - Vazhakka Mezhukkupuratti. Ok, let's come back to what we were discussing, Kerala restaurants. Mulaku Bajji-Molaga Bajji-Chilly/Banana Pepper Fritters & Bell Pepper/Capsicum Bajji/Fritters. Oct 21, 2018 - Recipe for Kerala Style Plantain Stir Fry | Raw Banana Stir Fry | Kaya Mezhukkupuratti | Vazhakka Mezhukkupuratti - a most delicious preparation using raw bananas, a … Check for salt. The only difference I felt between my version and the restaurant one is in the looks. Love to have that with some curd and rice. Keep watching this space for more nadan recipes :). Long beans (cowpea string beans) are called achinaga payar in Malayalam. I am a fan of Kerala restaurants too and they are in abundance,here in Chennai.I am not a big fan of garlic though and the vegetarian curries/stir fries are loaded with it,that’s my only complaint!But the payasam served in the end compensates for it:).Love the combo of kaya and potato-got to try! You can make it either mat finish or glossy, obviously the glossy one is more tastier. Mezhupuratti is a kerala style simple stir fry where the vegetables are blanched and then blended with onion garlic paste seasoned with coconut oil.’Mezhukku’ means ‘oil’ in Malayalam & ‘Puratti’ means ‘smear’ so that explains it all. Long yard beans are called achinga in many parts of Kerala, the pronunciation of which is hard to get if you are not a Malayalam-speaker 🙂 Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds. 3. Cook for a few minutes at medium-high heat, stirring occasionally until the potato pieces are slightly roasted and done. This is a perfect and desirable side dish with boiled rice and chamandhi or … Tasty Kaya Achinga Payar Mezhukkupuratti is ready. Yeah, that's another thing I like about living in this part of the world. Add potato, turmeric, green chilli and salt. It’s Sahar restaurant.. A friend told me that they cook Raw Plantains with Tapioca/Yuca and it tastes excellent.Vazhakka is also cooked with different kinds of Payaru (Beans) such as Achinga Payaru, … For a decent price, you get a wide variety of spread with 2-3 non veg items and 4-5 veg items and dont forget the payasam in the end! Do you remember the “meals ready” board that used to be displayed in front of the hotels back home? Achinga mezhukkupuratti (stir-fried long yard beans or snake beans) is a very common side dish in Kerala, often served with rice and curry. 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Mezhukkupuratti can be made with many vegetables but the popular ones being Kaya, Kaya (Raw Banana),Chena (Elephant Yam),Carrot,Achinga Payar (Long Kaya… Then add chopped onion and saute for 2mins then add coconut pieces.Saute for few mins. Add potato cubes, turmeric powder, kashmiri chilly powder and enough salt, to taste. Switch off the flame. Please don’t steal the photos. Now add little water and cook covered. You may also wish to check out this quick and easy snack raw banana kofta, or the plantain chips made in a microwave. Beans Mezhukkupuratti / Kerala Style Green Beans Stir Fry. When you are running out of fresh stock, this amazing dish comes in handy, a very nutritious and tasty side dish. Thanks dear :) Good to know that it brought you some good memories. Usually the dish is prepared with vegetables like koorka (chinese potato), raw banana (vazhakka/kaya), elephant foot yam (chena), bittergourd (pavakka), chakka kuru (jackfruit seeds) and yardlong beans (payar). Mezhukkupuratti is one of the tastiest dish from the Kerala Cuisine prepared during the Onam Sadhya. Thanks a lot Simi :) I’m happy that you liked it. Vazakka /Ethakka /Kaya Mezhukkupuratti […] This Mezhukkupuratti is unique and delicious with cooked potato pieces sautéed with flavorful seasonings. Mezhukkupuratti is yet another wonderful Kerala (South India) recipe which means coated with oil. Mezhukkupurattiis a Kerala specialty prepared with vegetable stir-fried with garlic, onions or shallots and spices. Cut the plantain into 3 cm long pieces. It can be prepared with many vegetables like Raw Banana (Kaya), Yam (Chena), Carrot, Potato. Our friends who left Bahrain for good say that, the one thing they miss most about this place is the Kerala restaurants here. Looks yummy.. Will surely try out…me too based in Bahrain… Which is the restaurant that you have mentioned above.. Will like to check that out too… :). Cooking : Heat a pan (preferably Cast Iron or Non Stick) and add 2 tbsp oil in a pan. You can see that here, also the Malayalam version of “uunnu thayyar” (meals ready). Thank you Simi! Giving credit won’t hurt :), Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…. When the mustard seeds start spluttering, add the broken dry red chilies and curry leaves, fry for a … One more thing chiratta photo adipoli aayittundu :), Looks so good Maria! Cook it with salt, water,turmeric powder , green chilli until done. Iftar Recipes -Iftar Specials -Ramadan Recipes, Christmas Recipes – Kerala Christmas Recipes, Onam Recipes – Onam Sadya – Kerala Onam Sadya, Thattukada Style Red Coconut Chutney- Thattukada Style Thenga Chutney for Idli & Dosa, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_yolvcM_8FJ8.