Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Mafia II: Made Man E3 Trailer

Getting made cements one’s life in the Mafia. Vito must choose — between the family he was born into and the family he will be loyal to. Look into the heart of Mafia II as Vito gets “made” in this dramatic new trailer.

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Dead Space™ 2 E3 Trailer

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space™. After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as “The Sprawl”, the lone survivor of a horrific alien infection finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Battling dementia, hunted by the government, and haunted …

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Vanquish E3 Trailer

VANQUISH is a sci-fi shooter of epic proportions with a fast, fluid and frenetic combat system. It takes the shooter genre to the next level by adding unique offensive and defensive moves, and kinetic melee combat. Watch the latest trailer now!

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Gran Turismo® 5 Meets NASCAR®

NASCAR®, the most popular automotive sport in the United States, is coming to Gran Turismo® 5 for the first time ever. Learn more about this exciting addition to the Gran Turismo series in this behind-the-scenes video shot while Kazunori Yamauchi and the Polyphony crew visited their first NASCAR race at …

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