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Ms. Splosion Man – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Ms. Splosion Man is back! Hide your turkeys. Hide your Joy-Con. Twisted Pixel Games’ famous ‘sploding heroine, Ms. Splosion Man, will be rising like a turkey phoenix on Thanksgiving Day – November 22nd, 2018! Taking full advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities, Ms. Splosion Man has turbo-charged her ‘sploding power and charm to unleash the biggest and baddest version of this award-winning franchise to date.
She now boasts double her console framerate, making this one of the most visually striking games on the platform. So, once you’ve conquered your big holiday meats (and before they conquer you), get ‘sploding through 50 single player levels. Or, better yet, grab up to three friends and ‘splode together through 50 multiplayer levels locally or online via Nintendo Switch Online. Features of Ms. Splosion Man on Nintendo Switch include:
• 50 single player levels
• 50 multiplayer levels
• Now runs at a blazing 60fps
• Levels tuned for improved gameplay experience
• Single console multiplayer with up to four players
• Local wireless multiplayer with up to four players
• Online multiplayer with up to four players via Nintendo Switch Online
• Leaderboards via Nintendo Switch Online
• HD rumble
• Play via TV mode, tabletop mode or handheld mode
• Tons of unlockables
• Local ghost replays
• Online ghost replays via Nintendo Switch Online Purchase Ms. Splosion Man on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, 2018 in the Nintendo eShop.

Learn more about Ms. Splosion Man! https://goo.gl/BtAABo

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