Tuesday , November 20 2018
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Full Mojo Rampage Release Trailer Xbox One

Full Mojo Rampage is out now on Xbox One in North America and Europe!

Set in the mystical shoes of a knowledge-hungry apprentice, players serve deities known as Loa in their pursuit of strange dark magic in a bizarre Voodoo reality. Utilizing abilities bestowed by Loa alongside an ever­changing array of enchanted items known as mojos. Up to 4 players will venture through beautifully ­rendered, randomly generated spooky 3D environments as they slaughter, steal, and summon their way to sorcerous splendor.

Full Mojo Rampage offer strong visuals, a myriad of improvements based on player feedback, and new content, such as the game’s new Endless mode! Players can also engage in a variety of awesome online versus modes that support up to 8 players, including challenges such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and King of Mojo.

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