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Zombie Army Trilogy – What is Zombie Army Trilogy? | PS4

Experience every feature, every headshot, every putrid bone shatter in this beastly FIVE minute gameplay trailer for the brutally intense co-op shooter, Zombie Army Trilogy!


In response to alarming reports of undead legions preparing for a Spring offensive on PlayStation 4, self-appointed zombie exterminators Rebellion have taken it upon themselves to blast the virtual airwaves with an important public announcement outlining the tactics, weapons and zombie weaknesses that players will need to exploit if they have any hope of surviving.

Long story short? You’ll need rifles, a team of a four eagle-eyed sharp shooters, and explosives, lots of explosives.

Zombie Army Trilogy rises MARCH 6th on PlayStation 4.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

Copyright 2015 Rebellion. The Rebellion name and logo and the Zombie Army Trilogy name and logo are trademarks of Rebellion and may be resgistered trade marks in certain countries. All Rights Reserved.

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