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Finding Luigi – Legend of Parkour

There was no one like him. In the early days, Parkour was just a pastime. But Luigi…The L Man…he made it into a discipline. He could jump higher. He could jump farther. He was everywhere. And then he was gone. He just slid off the map. And went underground.

Finding Luigi documents Luigi’s legendary rise to fame in Parkour and his sudden disappearance from the sport. Highlighting the L-Man’s signature moves and incredible mechanics, and featuring testimonials from some of Luigi’s closest friends and Parkour colleagues, Luigi takes the stage without Mario. This is one story you won’t want to miss!

Andre Meadows:
Jared Knabenbaur:
Greg Wilmot:
Wren Weichman:
Josh Jepson:
Ethan Newberry:
Meghan Camarena:
Jirard Khalil:
TJ Smith:
Peter Weidman:
Zack Finfrock:

Pro Parkour Athletes:

Paul Whitecotton of San Diego Freerunning:

Tempest Professional Freerunning Members:
Cory DeMeyers:
Jesse La Flair:
Michael “Frosti” Zernow
Brian “No Sole” Orosco
Luci “Steel” Romberg

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